Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Kansas...

And the neatest part was how much the corn grew on the farm while Haleigh was there. This is what it looked like when she arrived...and see the picture below for what it looked like before she left!!!

More Kansas...

More of Haleigh's trip to Kansas

Haleigh's visit to Kansas

Haleigh went to visit Grandma and Grandpa all by herself this summer...for 2 whole weeks! That's the longest she's been away from Mom and Dad! But the pictures tell the story...she had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Rockport...Corpus Christi Aquarium

We ate at Pier 99 before the aquarium

Haleigh eye to eye with a shark!
Waiting for the dolphin show. We opted to watch it underground, because it was sooo hot! And we had to wait and hour to see it.
Waiting patiently...

More Rockport...Fishing

Head for cover - the seagulls are invading!
The lil girls sat with refreshments while the big kids fished
Haleigh's big catch!
Addison watching the action - front row in her stroller. We had to do everything we could to restrain the child - she will jump in the water! She loves it!
Haleigh's first ferry ride

More Rockport...Swimming Pool

We cooled off at the Rockport Public pool, a hidden jewel.
And cooled off with popsicles...

Addison loved the fountains
The waterslides were wonderful